GPOD is an office for design based in Sintra, Portugal. It was founded by the designer Gonçalo Prudêncio.

Operating from within the field of product design, we embrace the complexity of our time to come up with well-performing solutions that solve the apparent contradiction between profitability and low impact.

In order to deal with the challenges of today, as a product design office we need to be able to enrich our daily practices with intelligence coming from areas not traditionally associated with the job.

Consumer goods have become the tangible outcome of a very intricate system of interferences and interconnections, with an impact far beyond their physical dimension. On one end are the raw materials: how they are collected and processed, their transformation, what happens after they are discarded. On the other end is the fact that the Earth’s population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2055. And in the middle (just to spice things up a notch) is the fact that policies have been devised that have made us used to having virtually any product available to us no matter where in the world it comes from. In such a scenario, a single avocado can have an impact of epic proportions. This is as complex as it is exciting!

In every project we take on, we inform our design process in ways that enable us to expertly mediate between the need for enterprises to stay profitable, the fact that the world has reached its capacity to absorb any more impact, and finally the right for each person to live their life making the most of it.


R. Particular à R. Veiga da Cunha 4,2710-606 Sintra
Phone: +351 211 351 676 | Email: info@gpod.pt